A community where Christians can have access opportunities to fulfil the great commission
Global Leadership
Local Outreach
Restorative Ministry

Welcome to YWAM Mosaic


Explore and discover the joy and freedom of becoming Christlike.​


Ignite your heart with Care for your Father’s world.


Grow in your call to serve and courage to influence.

Our Focuses


At Creative, we champion the Creative Arts and Media as a ‘prophetic voice’ to society combining training, gatherings, social actions, and excellent creative productions.


At Restorative, we equip and resource Christians with a vision of good news to the poor; comfort and healing to the broken-hearted; promoting conflict transformation, reconciliation and peace in a fractured world.

Spiritual Formation

At Spiritual Formation, we promote the importance of discipleship through intentional process of ‘growing well into Christlikeness and flourishing in every area of life.

Global Leadership

At Global Leadership, we focus on nurturing Christ-centered leadership, especially the next generation, by enabling understanding of global trends, cultures, and dominant worldviews, and resource people with biblical tools to flourish in their missional vocation.


At GLO (Global-Local Outreaches), we champion God’s Kingdom on earth through global missional initiatives of evangelism, justice, compassion and service. We do so through creating awareness, equipping and mobilising people for local and global missional outreaches.