English Language School

Leadership & Cross-Cultural Missions

24th June – 16th September 2022


Offered in English


Some prior English language learning.

Cost £1535

Registration: £35

Lecture Phase: £1500

(cost include food, housing, and learning resources, administration, Airport pick-up)


To offer English-language training that will equip students with effective communication skills and empower them to be further released into their potential.

To recognise the ability to speak, write, hear, and understand English as a tool for The Kingdom of God and missions.

To give students an opportunity to experience a multicultural environment and interact in English with people from around the world.

To experience spiritual growth and knowing God more intimately through the process of learning language.

To encourage students to pursue a DTS or further training inside or outside of YWAM.

Special Tips

Enjoy some of the unique treasures of England during the English Language School course. We will take several trips within England to museums and other places of interest. The goal of these trips is to experience more of this nation while practicing English.

Communicate in Community

We provide a unique environment for you to learn English. You will not just be learning in a classroom but in an international community. Benefits include being able to practice English with various international accents. You can learn about other cultures through formal learning and informal conversations. You can expand your mission’s reach by practicing how to share the gospel and pray in English. This training also prepares you to dive deeper into English mission courses.

Course Content

English lessons five days a week for a total of 15-20 hours a week with teachers who will help you help improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Self-directed study in the language lab using online resources.

One-on-one language tutoring.

Regular Bible reading, study, and meditation in English.

Learn how to pray and lead intercession in English.

Share your testimony and God’s word in English.

Engagement with the base community through practical ministry, worship and community meetings.

Local outreach to the community and ministry partnership with local churches.

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