Couples and Family Counselling School

The Couples & Family Counselling School is designed with a biblical perspective to help train and equip students in systemic theory, practice, and ministry for healthy lifestyle changes. The focus on the course is for the students to be familiar with systemic family therapy modalities such as Structural family therapy, Multigenerational family therapy, attachment theory, Narrative and solution focused brief therapy and many more.

The focus of the course is to seek to understand the individual in relationship with others, rather than in isolation. The individual in family counselling is regarded as part of a larger unit or system, for example, a couple, a family, an organisation or a community. 

Systemic therapy seeks to identify deeply entrenched patterns within an individual’s relationships and also with family members. The process helps to uncover the ways in which members communicate and behave within a system, based on beliefs about their respective roles.

This course has a four-fold purpose:

1. to raise up Christian family counsellors;

2. to repair the breaches caused by dysfunction in the family;

3. to restore biblical foundations in society that will effectively meet the challenges of modern day life in the family, church, work, and culture; and

4. to introduce students to effective and unique interventions that can make a significant difference in family relationships. Designed to help train and equip students in systemic theory, practice, and ministry for healthy lifestyle changes, this course will be taught with a focus on the three major phases of systemic development and theory. Every week students will be involved in role plays to become familiar with family counselling tools presented in class. Because we want our students to be empowered and be able to implement what they learn, the staff and peers will give them positive feedbacks to help them grow in their skills.

The outreach phase is the field assignment. This provides a practical experience where the knowledge, skills, and character qualities of a Christian counsellor learned in the lecture phase are put into practice in a mission field setting. Students will find enriching cross-cultural opportunities and challenging experiences of working on a team at one of the ministry locations around the world. Also depending on where you will be doing your outreach, you will be involved in various ministries; focused on the poor, needy and marginalized people.




The ideal applicant will have successfully completed a DTS. Students must be at least 18 years old

Course Recognition

Twelve (12) credits will be earned upon successful completion of CFCS classroom experience and twelve (12) credits earned upon successful completion of the field assignment. These credits may be applied to a U of N degree program

Cost £3835

Registration: £35

Lecture Phase: £2400
Outreach Phase: £1400

Price does not include: Visas, vaccinations, travel insurance and medical insurance

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